You are concerned if you are a company or a wholesaler that put first on the French market batteries or accumulators sold separately from appliance or integrated into appliance.

All batteries and accumulators considered as “portable” are in the scope of the Corepile organization.


Your obligations

Order No. 2009-1139, of 22 September 2009, lays down that batteries now fall into three categories, with corresponding obligations for the producers:

  • Portable batteries: batteries bought and used by households or which composition or format do not restrict themselves to strictly industrial or trade uses.
  • Industrial batteries: batteries designed for exclusively industrial or professional purposes.
  • Motor-vehicle batteries: batteries intended to supply an engine-starting, lighting or ignition system.

The regulation makes you responsible for organising the collection, recycling and disposal of any used batteries that you sell.

For portable batteries, you have two possibilities:

1 – Joining  a compliance system, such as COREPILE, enabling you to comply with the obligations imposed by the 22 September 2009 Order : 


Organising collection and recycling of batteries in France  

– Reaching the recycling targets;

– Informing and ensuring the awareness of consumers through mutualised communiction and tools

– Periodically reporoting to the autorities on the activities being carried out.

2 – In accordance with specifications laid down by the government, establishing and financing your own individual system, which will have
to be approved by a committee ruled by the Ministry of Environment.


Why should you join Corepile ?

By joining Corepile means you will participate into a government-approved organisation and a joint scheme for collection (involving municipalities waste facilities and supermarkets) recycling and communication. Thus complying to your regulatory obligations.

Corepile’s advantages :

  • Corepile is n°1 among the compliance organisations dealing especially with used batteries (63% of those put on the market in France)
  • Corepile is n°2 in Europe with more than 10 000 Tons of batteries collected
  • Corepile’s aim is to offer competitive prices, in compliance with the environmental rules (government-approved organisation, certified ISO 26 000)
  • Corepile is focussed on quality improvement and cost management (Collecting network with more than 32 500 collecting points)

Find the list of our members on our dedicated page: Our members

To join Corepile

Call (+33) 1 56 90 30 90 and follow the instructions or send an e-mail.
You can also download and complete the Membership Agreement.
The application document must be returned to us signed, either by e-mail or at the following address :

17 rue Georges Bizet
75016 Paris


On receipt, Corepile will return one copy of the contract to you, with your identifying datas, so that you can make your sales declaration online.

To make your annual declaration on line or examine your invoicing history and status of payments, enter: commercialising organisations’ area.