Producers of mobility batteries

Manufacturer or importer of small electric vehicles (e-bikes, e-scooters, …), join Corepile now !

In accordance with the Decree n°2009-1139 of September 22, 2009 relating to the marketing of batteries and accumulators and the elimination of used batteries and accumulators, any producer of batteries and/or accumulators must set up a collection and recycling system for its batteries or join a collective system such as COREPILE.
A producer is any company which, on a professional basis, manufactures, imports, introduces for the first time in France or resells under its own brand electrically assisted bicycle batteries and other electric mobility batteries.

Joining COREPILE means participating, through an organization approved by the public authorities, in the mutualization of collection and communication and thus meeting all your regulatory obligations

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The batteries concerned are those weighing less than 20 kg:

1- Return the service contract below in 2 copies to Corepile, by e-mail or by post: COREPILE – 17 rue Georges Bizet – 75116 Paris.

The Service Agreement – completed, signed and initialled,
Annex 1 – Scale of charges – signed and initialled,
Annex 2 – Logistical arrangements,
Annex 3 – declaration of marketings – completed with the volumes placed on the market.

2- Declare each year to Corepile, all the batteries sold alone or incorporated in vehicles.

3- Pay Corepile the total amount of the eco-tax corresponding to the number of batteries placed on the market.

Consult the list of members here.